New Brand Identity

News | 05/05/2020

Our new brand identity is taking off

Our new brand identity is taking off

2020 is the year of significant internal changes at Integra Consult and combined with the new strategic developments, a rebranding is an important step making a connection to these changes. The new branding will be visible everywhere, starting with a new logo, business cards, web page and all documents/presentations that are used in our daily work. It was important for us to link the new branding not only with our four core values – integrity, innovation, involvement and insight – but also to connect them to the roots of the Danish culture of being broad-minded, flexible and trustworthy.  

In a world full of changes, it is important to have a partner that you can trust, and we are that partner – Integra Consult, your preferred aviation consultancy.

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May 5, 2020