We successfully manage projects, ensure compliance, optimise operations, specify, and procure systems – all for the benefit of our customers
in the aviation industry. Our customers include ANSPs, airlines, airports, organisations and authorities worldwide.

Operations & Capacity

Efficient operations at high capacity have become important in today’s changing environment. With effective operational concepts and up-to-date experience we deliver long-lasting benefits for our customers.

Systems & Technology

The aviation industry is facing a growing demand and desire for modernisation of equipment in combination with reduction of costs. Therefore, efficient procurement and implementation of new systems is of vital importance.

Projects & Programmes

Implementing small to large scale projects within a given framework often requires extensive resources. We can support in all stages of the project or programme – from establishing an efficient structure to a successful execution.

Regulations & Compliance

Aviation stakeholders must constantly deal with legal and compliance topics. With our wide expertise in international regulations and requirements we are supporting our customers in regulatory and compliance matters.

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Integra Consult A/S, Peter Thorsen, and his staff are a delight to work with. They are not only very competent people in the field of SESAR projects and Programme Management in general, Peter Thorsen and his team are also very customer-oriented and easily accessible during the job, flexible and result-oriented in their approach to success. “

Jan Klas Director General ANS CR

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