Airports facing growing demand for physical expansion and increase in efficiency and capacity often require replacement of existing equipment such as ATM/CNS systems, which demands considerable expertise in planning, procurement and test and validation phases. We have assisted customers in specifying and designing ATM/CNS systems resolving often challenging issues, supervising their implementation, supporting the factory and site verification and validation, as well as preparing the customers for bringing the systems into operation and securing their safe and effective operation.  

Through this work, we have built up the experience and knowledge of the systems as well as how to address challenges and difficult conditions, a knowledge many organisations may not have available in-house due to the one-off nature of many of the projects.

How we work

Experienced Team

We assign a dedicated team of experts supported by a wider pool of experts. Our experts work closely together and complement each other within safety, capacity, OPS, human factors, validation, engineering, etc. Their knowledge and experience are key enablers for any successful project.

Global Expertise

In the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as a global aviation consultancy with more than 1,000 projects completed in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our unique experience is the main reason why our customers choose us as their preferred partner.

Quality Management

We have a certified quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015. Our solutions meet the highest international standards regarding safety, applicability and quality.


Keeping up to date with regulatory changes and requirements, technological and operational concepts as well as best practices can be very challenging. We have a team of experts that keeps track of these developments and applies this knowledge successfully in customer projects.

Our Services


Buying new systems is normally not done very frequently and therefore it is important to have a reliable process in place to ensure that all parts are covered properly. We have assisted aviation businesses and organisations worldwide in system procurement.

Installation & Certification

The system implementation and installation process is often quite complex. New interfaces need to be established to ensure that the system operates in the desired envrionment and delivers the expected results. Additionally, a certification is often required before actual operation.

Safety Management & Human Factors

The key elements for every successful technical implementation are the safety activities and more and more the human factors element. We are well experienced in both domains and have assisted our customers worldwide in many projects and technical implementations.

System Architecture & Requirements

Launching a major system upgrade or a new system requires a lot of coordination with different stakeholders to ensure that all related requirements are considered, evaluated and decided on. We offer you extensive experience based on a large number of successful projects.

Verification & Validation

Verification and validation are important elements of every project. It is here that the operational readiness and compliance with requirements are tested. We have supported a number of customers worldwide in the verification and validation phases.


Procurement of a new CNS/ATM system is often an activity your organisation performs only once every ten to fifteen years. For this reason, the organisation seldom has resources skilled in this process. In addition, the procurement of larger systems will require considerable resources not available in the organisation and a multi-discipline team with regulatory, operational and technical insight. 

Safety Management & Human Factors

From even before ICAO developed its first Safety Management Manual, we have been involved in aviation safety and participated in the development of the methodology now being widely used, covering aspects like procedural safety, safety culture, etc.

We have used this experience to help our customers implement management systems to address safety, quality and risks related to their operations and implement changes whenever new regulatory requirements are introduced. For more than 30 years, Integra Consult has practiced the methodologies through performing safety assessments and human factor studies as well as developing safety cases and assisting customers in achieving regulatory approvals.

Verification & Validation

Verification and Validation are important milestones in major aviation systems projects. They are important to identify possible malfunctions of the system, configuration errors and finally confirm the operational readiness of the new system. We have supported a large number of system installations worldwide and are able to cover all parts of the Verification and Validation Phase.

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