Efficient operations at high capacity have become important in today’s environment. Based on our experience we can ensure long-lasting improvements for our customers.  We have assisted our customers in solving challenging issues related to specifying operational or flight procedures, defining and refining airspace structures, supervising their implementation, supporting verification and validation, as well as preparing our customers for bringing the changes into operation and securing their effective use.

How we work

Experienced Team

We assign a dedicated team of experts supported by a wider pool of experts. Our experts work closely together and complement each other within safety, capacity, OPS, human factors, validation, engineering, etc. Their knowledge and experience are key enablers for any successful project.

Global Expertise

In the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as a global aviation consultancy with more than 1,000 projects completed in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our unique experience is the main reason why our customers choose us as their preferred partner.

Quality Management

We have a certified quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015. Our solutions meet the highest international standards regarding safety, applicability and quality.


Keeping up to date with regulatory changes and requirements, technological and operational concepts as well as best practices can be very challenging. We have a team of experts that keeps track of these developments and applies this knowledge successfully in customer projects.

Our Services

Airport Operations

Airports facing growing demand for physical expansion and an increase in efficiency and capacity. We have extensive experience in supporting airports worldwide.

Operational Concepts

An important element in any successful operation is a solid operational concept. We have the knowledge and experience to review and improve an existing operational concept or develop a new.

Capacity & Cost Efficiency

Capacity and efficiency are very frequent requirements for any type of operation. Whether you are an ANSP, airport, airline or any other aviation related business, we are ready to support you.

Procedures & Airspace Design

In order to meet the capacity requirements of the future, an airspace requires an efficient and practical design. The same applies for flight procedures at an airport. We ensure that you are ready for the future.

Safety Assessments

We have long-standing and well recognised practical experience establishing safety, quality and risk management systems using proven methodologies in practice to address complex situations.

Safety Assessment in Detail

Integra Consult is the leading company in Europe performing safety work in an operational environment. Integra Consult has performed numerous safety assessments in connection with airports and has supported EUROCONTROL in the development of the Safety Assessment Methodology (SAM) and supported ICAO in the initial safety work of ICAO. Integra Consult’s safety concepts have created the basis for the international safety work in several areas.


Today, Integra Consult has a very large toolbox available for safety work which includes:

Capacity & Efficiency

Improving the capacity and/or efficiency of an airport or airspace for example normally requires a variety of tasks and reviews. We have supported different customers worldwide in achieving their goals.

Some of the related services we offer:

Airport Operations

Airport operators today are faced with different requirements and challenges – an increase in regulations and obligations, a reduction of financial support and growing competition between airports to attract the right customer base. It becomes more and more important to have partners that you can trust and a powerful strategy to succeed in the market environment.

We have extensive experience from various airport projects worldwide and provide the following services:

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