Implementing major programmes or projects is often an activity your organisation performs only once every ten to fifteen years. For this reason, the organisation seldom has resources skilled in this process, often does not have the procedures and practices in place, and often is not used to manage major projects or multi-project programmes.

Programmes and projects require formalised and explicit management processes in order to succeed. We provide a number of services to support the facilitation of effective and safe programme and project implementation and results.

How we work

Experienced Team

We assign a dedicated team of experts supported by a wider pool of experts. Our experts work closely together and complement each other within safety, capacity, OPS, human factors, validation, engineering, etc. Their knowledge and experience are key enablers for any successful project.

Global Expertise

In the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as a global aviation consultancy with more than 1,000 projects completed in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our unique experience is the main reason why our customers choose us as their preferred partner.

Quality Management

We have a certified quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015. Our solutions meet the highest international standards regarding safety, applicability and quality.


Keeping up to date with regulatory changes and requirements, technological and operational concepts as well as best practices can be very challenging. We have a team of experts that keeps track of these developments and applies this knowledge successfully in customer projects.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning is an important part for any business. Based on our extensive experience in the aviation business, we can support the entire process and provide valuable information.

Requirements Management

An important part of every project is the requirements management in order to ensure that all requirements are clearly understood and analysed. A key to success is the related stakeholder management.

Project & Programme Management

To enable a successful project or programme implementation, it is important to have the right project team and a competent project leader. With more than 1,000 completed projects we have the experience and knowledge to make any project a success.

Training & Workshops

Based on our up-to-date knowledge and extensive project experience, our staff is well qualified to offer training courses and workshops tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Compliance Management

With a constantly changing regulatory environment it is important to understand which rules and regulations are applicable and how to comply with them. With our up-to-date knowledge we can ensure that you are fully compliant.

Strategic Planning

Developing a clear strategic vision requires analysis of many relevant aspects, including budget & financing, commercial developments, technical & operational changes, environmental issues, safety & security, resourcing, etc. Planning the lines of actions to back up the vision necessitates experience and knowledge of best practices.

We provide specific strategic advisory services for the development of various planning needs, such as:

Project & Programme Management

Professional management is the key to success in most projects. Integra Consult’s experience is built on many years of involvement in the public sector and aviation, where the size of a project, its complexity and, in particular, the safety requirements pose great demands on project management. 

Traditional project management disciplines such as project planning, risk management, quality assurance, configuration management, etc. are always part of our services.

We complement these services with disciplines such as:  

Compliance Management

We have long-standing experience from all parts of the aviation industry, both from organisations responsible for the development of regulations, for overseeing their implementation and from organisations obliged to comply.

This places us in a unique position to assist our customers by providing:

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