Hyperloop – A regulatory framework for a potential new transportation system of the future

For Integra Consult innovation has always been a key element of success and therefore we are excited to support new developments. New technological developments are frequently used to make transportation of goods and people more efficient and even create a revolutionary transport concept, like Hyperloop.

The introduction of a new system does not only bring new operational requirements but regulatory aspects as well. Integra Consult has been selected as part of a consortium with TRL and COWI to support the European Commission with a study on a new regulatory framework for innovative transport technology, such as Hyperloop. The regulatory framework is used to back up the implementation, including legal aspects, standardisation, interoperability of systems and harmonisation of procedures. The development of common standards, specifications and approaches should help to mitigate potential challenges to implement the Hyperloop systems across Europe.

We are very excited to join the team on this study on a potential new regulatory framework for one of the future transportation systems.