FAB CE eyes the future - extends contract with Helios and Integra Consult to run its Programme Support Office

Signalling its ongoing commitment to building a real operational airspace alliance, Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE) has reappointed Helios (an Egis company) together with Integra Consult to run its Programme Support Office (PSO) for the coming two years.

FAB CE has recently developed a new operational strategy to 2030 in response to the publication in 2019 of the European Airspace Architecture Study (EAAS) and the Wise Persons Group report – both of which called for an urgent transformation of European air traffic management services to a data-driven, services-based environment with increased collaboration, information sharing and automation. Programme Manager Matej Eljon comments: “Under the new legislative proposal for SES2+ FABs should no longer be regulated but may continue to exist if deemed useful. FAB CE ANSPs have made a significant investment into the FAB to deliver added value to its users and we will continue to do so. We have all the structures in place, including a unique joint venture FABCE Aviation Services Limited, and we have learnt how to work together efficiently. The extension of this contract shows our commitment to FAB CE. We are going to build on our achievements and transform into a real operational airspace alliance with procedural and technical work programmes tailored to the future ATM environment.”

PSO project manager for Helios, Juraj Jirku says: “In a tough year, it’s great to be able to share some good news. We’re delighted to continue supporting FAB CE in its transformation. We achieved some important milestones recently which help to improve cost efficiency in the region. These include completing the surveillance and NAVAID optimisation projects which established important processes for joint planning and maintenance of CNS infrastructure. We’re currently using the results of these projects to help FAB CE align the individual investment plans to provide a truly cross-border and optimised infrastructure network taking a wider regional perspective.”

Petri Hartikainen, Integra PSO manager adds: “In the FAB CE operational domain we have achieved concrete milestones during recent years such as the stepwise expansion of cross-border Free Route Airspace (FRA) both within FAB CE as well as with adjacent ANSPs and the development of a common contingency concept to enable continued service provision in case of a short term outage of a FAB CE ANSP. Current efforts in the operational domain are focused on further expansion of cross-border FRA with adjacent States and ANSPs as well as conducting Operational Excellence assessment of the FAB CE ANSPs in line with the European ATM Master Plan vision for 2025 and beyond. We look forward to continuing the excellent co-operation with the FAB CE ANSPs as well as with our PSO partners during the next two years.”