Integra Consult has supported ANS Czech Republic in SESAR projects for operational and technical support since 2016


The SESAR program implements research and development through specific projects addressing a particular operational improvement (like dynamic sectorisation) or technical enabler (like virtualisation). Projects are staffed with experts from Industry, service providers, airports, standardisation organisations, etc.


The Czech ANS is part of a consortium of service providers. Integra Consult is a linked third party to the Czech ANSP under the B4 consortium. Under the SESAR program, Integra Consult currently supports the Czech ANSP in SESAR projects related to:

  • Enhanced Arrivals and Departures
  • Integrated Surface Management
  • Airport Safety Nets
  • Optimised Airspace Users Operations
  • Controller Tools and Team Organisation for the Provision of Separation in Air Traffic Management
  • Controller Working Position/Human Machine Interface
  • 4D Trajectory Management
  • Integrated Airport Operations
  • Virtualisation of ATM systems (ATSP and ADSP separation, dynamic sectorisation, including SWIM component’s part thereof)
  • Digital Technologies for Tower
  • 4D Skyways


Integra Consult’s support covered provision of experts in operational, human factor and operational validation aspect related to the subject areas and the performance of safety assessments following the Safety Reference Material. Integra Consult was/is responsible for developing and reviewing operational concepts, technical solutions and safety assessments. In addition, Integra Consult was/is responsible for planning and documenting validation of defined concepts.

Key Facts

ANS Czech Republic

Multiple countries

September 2016 – ongoing

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Integra Consult has supported ANS Czech Republic in SESAR projects for operational and technical support

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