Integra Consult successfully completed a project related to the modernisation of the CNS/ATM system in Brunei Darussalam


The aviation sector in Brunei has undertaken a major update including an update to the present airport terminal, a reconstruction of the runway and a modernisation of the CNS/ATM system. The main element of this update is the modernisation of the CNS/ATM system which includes a new ATM system, new CNS infrastructure, simulators, MET and AIS equipment. It also included the update of the operational concept and the human resources elements of the update.


The project was implemented in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Integra was in charge of the development of the CNS/ATM Master Plan for Brunei Darussalam based on an assessment of the current status of CNS/ATM and future requirements expressed in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP).
  • Phase 2: Following the assessment of the implementation options defined in the CNS/ATM Master Plan
    (Phase 1), Integra was tasked with the preparation of the tender specifications for the new CNS/ATM systems and infrastructure. Additionally the tendering process (pre-qualification and tendering), including the evaluation and recommendation for a potential selection. Following the contract award, Integra Consult was responsible for the implementation supervision of the CNS/ATM systems including civil works and provided support to the Department of Civil Aviation of Brunei Darussalam in all aspects associated with contract management.


Integra Consult performed the following tasks:

  • Project and Safety Management
  • Air Traffic Management Master Planning – i.e. operations, technology and civil works
  • Procurement – i.e. specification & procurement, design & development, installation, test and commissioning
  • Procedures – i.e. operational and maintenance

Key Facts

Department of Civil Aviation of Brunei Darussalam

Darussalam, Brunei

April 2012 – April 2016

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