Integra Consult has continued to support Copenhagen Airport in projects related to technical support and safety assessments


On numerous independent contracts, Integra Consult has provided consultancy services to Copenhagen Airports related to Airport systems and ATM/CNS systems and compliance management. Such work has, besides supporting projects with operational and technical experts, covered performance of safety assessments of most of the airport’s ATM/CNS systems or changes thereto.

The first project was technical and project management support of an A-SMGCS project. The project covered a replacement of existing Surface Movement Radar and display system and additionally a Mode-S multilateration positioning system and runway incursion detection facilities. In addition, Integra has performed a detailed compliance check against the requirements laid down in, among others, ICAO Annex 3 and Annex 10. The work included identification of requirements, identification of national regulations and SES requirements


Subsequently a large a number of projects have followed, including:

  • Safety Case of the A-SMGCS
  • Development of guidelines for software development
  • Training in Safety Assessments
  • Annex 10 Compliance Check
  • Annex 3 Compliance Check
  • A-CDM
  • Safety Assessment of new Flight Plan System
  • Development of principles for using Data Assurance Levels instead of Software Assurance Levels
  • Support in the airport’s CNS recertification process
  • Cyber security
  • PCP Airport Safety Nets and Routing & Planning analysis


Integra Consult performed the following tasks:

  • Technical support
  • Operational support
  • Safety support
  • Training
  • Compliance management

Key Facts

Copenhagen Airport A/S

Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2004 – ongoing

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